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Title: Reducing disparities in colorectal cancer screening in Vietnamese Americans
Funding Agency: National Cancer Institute
Funding Period: 04/01/08-03/31/13

This project is a collaboration among the Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project, Vietnamese Reach for Health Coalition, and the lead agency, Northern California Cancer Center (NCCC).  The Principal Investigator is Bang Nguyen, Dr.PH. at NCCC.  Colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates in Vietnamese Americans are lower than those in non-Hispanic whites. 
Consistent with our long-term goal of reducing morbidity and mortality caused by colorectal cancer, we propose to disseminate an evidence-based lay health worker (LHW) intervention to increase CRC screening in this poor and medically underserved population. The specific aims of this study are to: 1) evaluate the effectiveness of a CRC LHW intervention in increasing CRC screening among Vietnamese Americans aged 50 to 74 who have never had a CRC screening test, 2) identify predictors of CRC screening, and 3) evaluate the process of community participation. Following formative research using a cognitive testing approach to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate health education materials and survey instruments, we will conduct a cluster randomized trial among Vietnamese Americans aged 50-74 in Santa Clara County California, who have never had a CRC screening test prior to recruitment. We will follow two longitudinal cohorts among whom we will conduct a pre-intervention survey of participants’ knowledge, intention, and behavior as regards CRC screening; implement CRC screening educational sessions in an experimental group and nutrition educational sessions in a comparison group; and conduct a post- intervention survey. Each of the two cohorts will include 150 men and 150 women to have a total sample size of 600. We will evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention by comparing the frequency of screening using pre- and post-intervention surveys. In addition, we will conduct process evaluation of the intervention and community participation. If this intervention is found to be effective, this LHW model could be applied in health promotion programs to further reduce disparities in CRC screening in Vietnamese Americans and evaluated in other behavioral objectives and settings to reduce health disparities in other poor and underserved populations.