An active Community Advisory Board has guided VCHPP since 1988.  Since 1999, VCHPP has also been an integral part of the Vietnamese Reach for Health Coalition, which is an exemplary community-based participatory research (CBPR) effort to serve the health of the Vietnamese community in Santa Clara County, CA.  Since 2000, VCHPP has also been a regional site of the Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness, Research, and Training (AANCART), a national network funded by the National Cancer Institute to promote CBPR among underserved populations.


Hoa Minh Ta, Ed.D (Chair)
Anthony Nguyen
Bang Hai Nguyen. Dr.PH
Chuong Hoang Chung, MA, MFA
Philip Tuong Duy Nguyen
Thoa Nguyen
Thuy Nguyen-Smith, LCSW

Tuyet Khanh Tran, MSW

Past Advisors:
Hieu Minh Ngo, MPH
Mai Tran
Nam Phuong Tran, MD
Giao Qui Pham, MD, MS
Quyen N. Vuong, MBA
Teresa Dao, MD
Thao Le, PhD, MPH
Thien Nhien Luong, MPH
Thiet-Tranh Pham, MD, MS
Tiffany Ho, MD
Trung Nguyen, MPH



Vision Statement
We, the Vietnamese Reach for Health Coalition, envision a Vietnamese American community free from the burden of preventable diseases, which is aware and knowledgeable of health promotion and disease prevention, where all members have equal access to affordable, culturally, and linguistically appropriate health services, and will actively participate in their own health care to achieve optimal quality of life.

Mission Statement
The Vietnamese Reach for Health Coalition’s mission is to promote health equity among Vietnamese Americans in the Bay Area of California through advocacy, education and collaborative efforts.


Members List
Asian Americans for Community Involvement
American Cancer Society
Anthem Blue Cross of California
Catholic Charities/John XXIII Multi Service Center
Community Health Partnership
Immigrant Resettlement & Cultural Center, Inc.
Kaiser Permanente
Northern California Cancer Center
Premier Care of Northern California Medical Group, Inc.
Santa Clara County Ambulatory & Community Health Services
Santa Clara County Family Health Plan
Santa Clara County Public Health Department
Southeast Asian Community Center
UCSF- Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project
Vietnamese Physician Association of Northern California
Vietnamese Voluntary Foundation, Inc.

Community Representatives
Hung Pham, MD, MPH
Ky Quoc Lai. MD, MPH
Thien-Nhien Luong, MPH
Tuan Nguyen, MSW