Mission and Goals Statement

The mission of the UCSF Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project is to improve the health of Vietnamese living in the United States.  This mission is accomplished through:

  1. Identification of salient health problems that confront the Vietnamese community through interviews with Vietnamese community leaders, key informants and community members and through conduct of rigorous scientific surveys of the community;
  2. Development of community-based, culturally-appropriate interventions with Vietnamese community participation, that are evaluated using rigorous scientific research methodology; and
  3. Dissemination of research results so that effective interventions may be replicated with other Vietnamese throughout the United States.

Additional goals of the UCSF Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Project include:

  1. Building the capacity of the Vietnamese community to sustain the interventions begun by the VCHPP.  Community capacity is built through establishing collaborative linkages with community-based organizations serving the Vietnamese community so as to unite the Project's strength in building a knowledge base with these organizations' strength in applying that knowledge in the community.
  2. Advocating for change in government policies to improve health within the Vietnamese community.  It is a goal of the project that Board members and staff should become members of, or representatives to, key policy-making organizations and institutions of government at all levels.
  3. Training of expert researchers and strong advocates within the Vietnamese community in many different professional fields.  It is a goal of the project to develop the pool of research and advocacy expertise within the Vietnamese community.
  4. Maintaining an adequate funding base to enable the project to carry out its mission.
  5. Developing and implementing a public relations strategy to enhance the project's research dissemination and advocacy goals.
  6. Developing collaborative research with national and international organizations when appropriate.
Approved by the Community Advisory Board, 2/23/93